淫堕の姫騎士ジャンヌ2 RE:BORN 美姫転生〜2つの世界でオーガの仔種を注がれ続ける物語〜【エロゲ】

淫堕の姫騎士ジャンヌ2 RE:BORN 美姫転生〜2つの世界でオーガの仔種を注がれ続ける物語〜





The sequel to ``Fallen Princess Knight Jeanne'', which sparked the interspecies sex boom, is finally here!  
Jeanne, a beautiful princess knight, was reincarnated in modern society and lived a peaceful life as a high school girl.
However, when her original world, Ribfar, is in danger, she is summoned as a savior.
Behind her, there was the shadow of Gido, the king of the Ogre tribe, who relentlessly loved and sought out Jeanne.
This is a shocking new work that not only deals with training in a fantasy world, but also monsters that appear in modern society and rape schoolgirls.

[New story synopsis below]
Jeanne wakes up in a room in a dilapidated old castle. In front of her is her enemy, Gido.
Jeanne is once again forced to have intense insemination sex with her in a barrier that is closed off from the outside world, and she is trapped in a new obscene prison.


This is a remake of the blockbuster sequel "The Fallen Princess Knight Jeanne 2".
This is a permanent preservation version that is a must-have for fans, with updates and improvements to the system and screen beauty, including compatibility with the latest OS and increased resolution.
In addition, a completely new scenario, another story, ``Jeanne of the Conception Barrier'' is included.
This time, it is a new work specially written by Toyuki Chikuma, the original author and main writer.
Please fully enjoy the intense sex scene between Jeanne and Gido, her natural partner, with new illustrations and new full voice.


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