かがち様お慰め奉ります廻 ~寝取られ村淫夜噺~【エロゲ】

かがち様お慰め奉ります廻 〜寝取られ村淫夜噺〜

藤尾隆彦(ふじお たかひこ)がそんな自分に気付いたのは、二度目の結婚記念日を迎えた夜のことだった。





I no longer get excited about sex with my beloved wife.
Takahiko Fujio realized this on the night of his second wedding anniversary.
He originally thought he was indifferent when it came to sex.
However, he was also vaguely aware that that was not the real reason.
Takahiko started dreaming soon after getting married. Same content over and over again.

──The lewd customs of the village where he was born and raised.
──A banquet held every night during the summer festival.
──A female and a male writhing and panting in the darkness. A vulgar fragrance produced by an animal-like burrow.

Unable to bear the horror of the custom, he fled to his hometown.
Takahiko realizes that the ritual that was secretly performed there has planted a sexual inclination deep within him that cannot be wiped away.
As Takahiko looked at his wife, Manami, who was sleeping with a beautiful face and a lovely face, Takahiko felt a dark heat build up in his anger.
And the only way to quell that fever is by returning to your hometown…

"Kagachi-sama…I offer you my condolences."

The words spoken from the lips of the woman he admired are vividly remembered in Takahiko's mind.


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