淫魔淫姦 〜触手と合体して思い通りにやり返す〜【エロゲ】

淫魔淫姦 〜触手と合体して思い通りにやり返す〜




Koji Murakami was being bullied.
He had tolerated being ignored and called names, but it gradually started to escalate.
However, there is no one around him that he can rely on, and his spirit is gradually pushed into a corner and becomes exhausted.
As he despairs of everything and searches for an easy way to end his life, he comes across a website that introduces demon summoning.
As he continued reading the article, he found a phrase that said, ``I would rather take revenge than commit suicide,'' and decided to give it a try.
Although he was skeptical, he gathered the materials necessary for summoning and tried to summon the demon at the cost of his own soul.

However, what appeared was a mysterious creature.
Shocked by this, Kouji runs out of the house, gets into an accident, and almost loses his life before his soul, but he decides to stay alive by fusing with the mysterious creature that summoned him - the monster.

In this way, Kouji was able to fuse with the monster, and even obtained its special power, and began to take revenge on the person who had bullied him.


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