その差出人が、普段から自分に厳しい態度を取る少女、「周防 美由里」ではないかと怪しんだ主人公は

The protagonist, who worked as a school nurse, gained the power to manipulate the "ki" that flows through the human body after surviving an accident that left her in a life-or-death situation.

He is particularly skilled at manipulating the "erotic ki" that is directly linked to sexual desire and sexual sensation, and uses this power to play with the bodies of female students at the school where he works.

However, his misdeeds did not last long, as he got into trouble and was expelled to another school.

At his new workplace, Jotei Academy, he kept his use of erotic ki to a minimum to avoid repeating his failure, and enjoyed himself,
but one day he received a threatening letter that said, "If you do not leave the school by the end of the semester, your past will be made public."

The protagonist suspects that the sender is Suou Miyuri, a girl who is usually strict with him,
and confronts her, deepening his suspicions, making her a victim of the erotic ki that he had been suppressing.
His lustful aura raises his sexual arousal beyond its limits, bringing her to a frenzied climax as he takes Miyuri's virginity,
but she turns out not to be the sender of the threatening letter, and his plan goes awry.
However, having abused her, the protagonist is able to let go and remember the joy of using his powers to the fullest,
and decides to focus on using his lustful aura on a female student he has his eye on,
rather than searching for the sender with no clear future, and begins to take action to spend the time he has left as his desires dictate.


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